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I am passionate about the importance of rigorous journalism to society, used to navigating the legislative and political quagmire of Brussels, and one of my core skills is translating policy-speak into understandable English. I always deliver clean, clear copy on deadline.

I present live coverage of breaking European news for BBC Radio, Euronews and many others. My vast range of transferable skills: managing a busy newsroom, setting out alone as an entrepreneur, and working remotely as a European policy correspondent has required the ability to grasp complex stories quickly and report them for a wide audience in an interesting, engaging way.


I am often called on as an EU digital policy expert by radio and tv stations worldwide, as well as reporting live coverage of breaking European news. As The Register’s one-woman show in Europe, I covered everything relating to tech in the EU: from data protection reform to copyright, telecoms law to antitrust cases, surveillance to cybersecurity. My main job was to shine a spotlight on the EU tech world, expose who was doing what and why. I developed an in-depth understanding of EU policy and what makes Brussels tick. A commitment to accuracy and attention to detail has earned me a place at the table at conferences throughout Europe. Keeping an ear to the ground also means I can give a solid assessment of what policy proposals are coming and how different actors will tackle them. I can deliver insightful policy analysis on a regular basis. I cut through the technical jargon and policy-speak to deliver understandable, easily digestible information.

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